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Those People 0

Those People (Sin Subtítulos)

Title: Those People Dirección: Magdalena Piekorz Director: Joey Kuhn Writers: Joey Kuhn (screenplay), Joey Kuhn (story) Year: 2015 Runtime: 89 min Official Sites: Official site Country: USA Subtitles: NONE On Manhattan’s gilded Upper East...

West Hollywood Motel 0

West Hollywood Motel (Sin Subtilulos)

Title: West Hollywood Motel Director: Matt Riddlehoover Writers: Matt Riddlehoover, Ethan James Stars: Matt Riddlehoover, Andrew Matarazzo, Amy Kelly Genres: Comedy Year:2013 Runtime: 78 min Country: USA Language: English Subtítulos: NONE Various lives intersect...

The Secret Path 0

The Secret Path (Sin Subtítulos)

Title: The Secret Path Director: Richard Mansfield Writers: Richard Mansfield (story), Richard Mansfield Stars: Darren Bransford, Henry Regan, Miguel Campbell-Lewis Genres: Fantasy | History | Mystery | Romance Year: 2014 Runtime: 77 min Country:...

Daddy 0

Daddy (Sin Subtítulos)

Title: Daddy Director: Gerald McCullouch Writers: Dan Via, Dan Via Stars: Gerald McCullouch, Dan Via, Mackenzie Astin Genres: Comedy | Drama | Mystery Year: 2015 Runtime: 89 min Country: USA Language: English Subtítulos: NONE...